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James_ReedJames Reed- Chairman, REED

In 1991 James joined REED, the recruitment specialist, which was founded by his father Sir Alec Reed in 1960. James became Chief Executive in 1997 and was appointed Chairman in 2004. The company has grown significantly over the last 50 years and now spans Europe, the Middle East and Asia Pacific. REED employs over 3,300 people in over 450 offices worldwide. 



“My company is looking to recruit new talent but is finding it difficult to find the right person – how can we easily identify the best people for our business?”


The answer

When recruiting you should always consider the mindset of potential employees instead of focusing purely on their current skill set. Often when advertising for jobs, especially in the Charity sector, you can be inundated with applications all demonstrating similar qualifications and skills. It is mindset that marks out the people most likely to succeed. In fact, our research has shown that one person with the winning mindset is worth seven without, according to top employers.

Last year I co-authored ‘Put Your Mindset to Work’, a book that explains the importance of mindset. It encourages employers not to base their recruitment decisions solely on whether the candidate has the right skills. If an employee has the right mindset they will find a way to develop the skills they need to do a good job. Underpinned by global research, the book identifies the specific qualities which combine to make the winning mindset, known as the 3G Mindset, that employers look for in their people.

The 3G Mindset is made up of Global, Good and Grit. Global is about openness to new experiences and new ideas; Good is about seeing and approaching the world in a way that benefits those around you; and Grit is about thinking and acting with growth, resilience, intensity and tenacity. It is a combination of these qualities that make up the winning 3G Mindset. Identifying the right mindset for your Charity and incorporating this into the recruitment process can have a direct impact on hiring the best people for the job.

Research shows that mindset can predict who flourishes and who falls short, who delivers and who disappoints. People with a 3G Mindset demonstrably perform better, show greater resilience, earn more and win promotion sooner – essentially becoming the type of employee that contributes most and that you want to retain.

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