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Valerie_Cheong_TookValerie Cheong Took – Consultant for Social Enterprises, Charities and Foundations

Valerie Cheong Took has worked with organisations in the commercial and public sector to help them grow, address their challenges and develop a vision true to their values. She uses her cross cultural knowledge and expertise in wellbeing to help her clients to build resilience; growing an organisation is a learning journey.


“Our funder would like an impact report on a grant we received. We have never done this before, how should we start and what should we include?”

The answer

From your funder’s point of view, they are always interested to read about how their funding has helped you to reach your goals. There is no standard framework that an organisation can use to evaluate the impact they have on their beneficiaries. It all depends on how much detail the funder needs or what they will do with the impact report. Is it for internal reporting or for including this information for their own PR? This information can be both quantitative in terms of number of people you are serving, benefits (direct and indirect) that your activities have provided to the beneficiaries, costs incurred in serving those beneficiaries, etc. It can be in the form of success stories or in the form of a more sophisticated format such as a logical framework, Key Performance Indicators and Social Returns on Investment.

It is also useful to meet your funder to further discuss their requirements. It helps both parties get a better understanding of what is expected from them. It is important to reflect on the time that it will take to collect the data needed to meet their requirements in case you do not readily have this information at hand. If it is going to require additional time, training and resources, agree on a time plan with your funder. There is also the possibility that your funder already has templates that you can customise for your own organisation. It is an opportunity to strengthen your relationship with your funder by showing your interest in what information they require.