Meet our Expert

Andy_RichAndy Rich – Partner, HW Fisher

Andy Rich heads up the HW Fisher’s not-for-profit group, specialising on the charity side, acting for an array of voluntary organisations. He has a comprehensive understanding of the wide range of issues concerned around charity accounts. Additionally, Andy also has a significant portfolio of commercial clients operating in the media, property and retail sectors.

“We have received 5 yr. lottery funding and would like to change our year end, so that it coincides with when the lottery funding starts on September 1st 201​6​. The current year would end on 31st August (17 months long) 2016 if we are allowed to make such a change.​ Do you know if and how we can do this? Our constitution sets the year end date currently. Would we need to ask the Charity Commission for their approval or can we call an extraordinary meeting and put the proposal to change the date to a vote by the members?”

The answer

It would require a general meeting to approve a special resolution to make the amendment to the year-end clause as stated in the charity’s articles.  It would be preferable to email the Charity Commission in advance to let them know of the intention to change the year-end clause as an indication that only this is being altered and not the charity’s objects.

Once the change has been approved a copy of the signed resolution and the revised Articles would then need to be sent to the Charities Commission.